Prosperity 401(k) Advisors provides investment and retirement plan advisory services to corporations and nonprofit organizations.

We’ve assembled a stellar team of Retirement Advisors with decades of experience in analyzing securities, managing investment portfolios, and developing investment strategies.

Fiduciary Retirement Advisors

We are on a mission to help you run the best possible retirement plan.

Whether you need a plan review or a new plan design, our comprehensive approach is designed to simplify your complex responsibilities. We’ll align your retirement program objectives with your employees’ retirement savings needs.

As your Fiduciary Retirement Advisor, we take an objective and proactive approach to help your company and employees thrive financially. After all, you want to know for sure that you’re making the right decisions with your 401(k)—and you shouldn’t have to do it alone!

Our Expertise

With Prosperity on your team, you’ll be able to:
Reduce your 401(k) fees
Optimize your 401(k) investment selection
Pass your annual nondiscrimination tests
Help your participants build retirement security
Adapt to regulatory & industry changes
And because we believe that each participant deserves a fair chance to enjoy a comfortable retirement, we always provide financial wellness education.
A Comprehensive Approach to

Retirement Plan Management


Streamline the administrative work and eliminate your personal liability. We’ll handle notices, eligibility, and keep everything up to date.


We educate and onboard your employees with engaging brochures and emails in plain language that everyone can understand.

Prosperity 401(k) Advisors delivers comprehensive plan services—from the design phase through employees’ post-retirement lives.


Our proactive approach prepares you to make the best decisions.

Investment Selection

Funds that fit the ultimate objectives of plan participants.


Establish and operate an effective governance committee.

Day-to-Day Plan Administration

Easily manage participant requests.

Annual Plan Compliance

Maintain regulatory compliance. Avoid expensive fees & penalties.

Education & Advisory Services

Fiduciary guidance on how to save, invest, and retire.
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